Contact Lens Information and Care

Contact Lens Form

For new or current patients who wear contact lenses, please review our contact lens form. Fill out the form and bring it with you to your appointment. Please wear your current lenses, bring your glasses, and a copy of your current contact lens prescription or your contact lens boxes. Contact lens fees are charged in addition to the exam fees.


Contact Lens Safety

Contact lenses are among the safest forms of visual correction when following your doctor’s advice. However, when not used as directed, there can be serious consequences.

Care for Contact Lens

Clean and safe handling of contact lenses is one of the most important measures contact lens wearers can take to protect their sight.

What You Need to Know About Contact Lens Hygiene & Compliance

When patients do not use lenses as directed, the consequences may be dangerous. In fact, contact lens wearers could be damaging their eyes by not using proper hygiene in caring for their lenses. Click here to download a helpful PDF detailing proper hygiene for contact lens wearers.

Decorative and Costume Contact Lenses

Just say NO to over-the-counter lens. Even if you have perfect vision making your eyes look cool for Halloween with decorative contact lenses without a prescription can be dangerous.  It is illegal to sell decorative contact lenses without a prescription in the United States. All contact lenses are medical devices that require a prescription and proper fitting by an eye-care professional. Many of the lenses found online or in novelty shops or in pop-up Halloween stores are not FDA-approved and are being sold illegally.

Short uTube Video on how to insert and remove contact lenses